Hair Styling and Care with Argan Oil

Argan oil provides a natural, healthy glow, making your hair supple, soft and easier to style. All you have to do is apply a few drops of argan oil into the hair and gently massage in, you'll have well-groomed, shiny hair! To enhance the effect, you can indulge your hair with argan oil after each wash. When you gently comb some argan oil with your fingers through your hair, the argan oil covers your hair optimally, from the scalp to the tips 

Intensive Treatment with Arganlife Oil After Washing

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The hair is heavily used and need sustainable care? No problem: with an Arganlife argan oil intensive treatment you give your hair exactly what you really need. For a cure, you should give about ten to twenty milliliters of Arganlife argan oil after washing into damp hair and gently massage into the entire hair lengths and tips - do not forget the scalp! Then wrap the hair in a towel and relax for half an hour. After this time, thoroughly rinse your hair with lukewarm water and let it dry in the air. Ideally, the Arganlife argan oil for the hair condition is previously slightly heated: it should feel pleasantly warm, but not hot on the skin.

Intensive Hair Treatment with Arganlife Argan Oil Before Washing

The most effective application of Arganlife argan oil has been proven before washing, as it can then remain indefinitely and fully develop.

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First moisten your hair slightly. Then pour a few drops of the precious Argan life oil into one hand and rub it with the other. In this way, both palms are wetted with the oil. Now run your hands through the hair lengths until the oil is evenly distributed. Then again drip a few drops into your hands and knead the oil into the scalp. Use sparingly with Argan oil. You only need a small amount for scalp and hair care. If the hair length, hairline and scalp have been treated equally, wrap a warmed terry towel over it. Allow the oil to work for at least one hour (preferably longer), then rinse with a mild shampoo life Arganlife hair care shampoo and plenty of warm water.

Arganlife Oil Treatment as an additive to Arganlife Hair Care and Hair Loss Shampoo

If you want to use the Arganlife argan oil while washing your hair, mix two to three drops with your Arganlife hair shampoo. After shampooing, the Arganlife oil from Morocco gives your hair a silky shine, if you spread a few drops in the hair lengths.

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