What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a common online making money method. You join an affiliate program that provides a link for you , you begin to share affiliate link everyhwhere(mostly on social networks). You bring potential customers to system and they pay for service or a product , you win major commission for each sale. The commission rates depend on partner or company. The most important thing is , you must people click though your affiliate link to get paid the commission.

How Can I start to Affiliate?

Actually it is so easy becomming affiliate member. First of all you need to a company to sign up its affiliate program. ARGANLife Hair and Skin Care Affiliate Program has a friendliy membership interface to sign up. Just fill up the form properly and join the system. A Link is attached by The ARGANLife System.So you can access your account anytime and check your traffics.

I am Affiliate Now. What’s Next?

The answer is spereading on social networks as possible as much. Try to find people by hastags, understand their needs, promote the product. ARGANLife provides everything you need for further. Documents,ebooks, banners, videos, tutorials etc. So you out these on the story line, blog, or wall. People will notice you soon and contact for more information. Here are some useful tips


Write a blog and share this with your audience

Facebook Note is another good way to people pay attention to you.

Story Line on Instagram


How much can I win with Affiliate

There is no limit! It is all about you. You earn 5$ or 5000$. ARGANLife presents up to %100 affiliate commission deal.  The more you make effort to promote ARGANLife Hair and Skin Care Products,  you get more money in our system. We are looking for affiliates all around the world.

Why do I choose ARGANLife Affiliate?

As you know beauty and skin care industry are number one niches in the world. People are looking for right products which are effective and safe. We ARGANLife Hair and Skin Care Company has launched Affiliate Program. You can be our value member and start your own business with us. All you need to is reaching out those people who are suferring hair and skin problems,  and tell them how ARGANLife Products are safe,100% natural , herbal. Convince them nicely. You will be choosen and customers purchase ARGANLife Products throught your affiliate link. They are extremely pleased with ARGANLife Products, so you are happier for each sold ARGANLife product.




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